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Ani Mshetsyan

A protest rally is taking place in front of Armenian NSS against the  actions of this structure in relation to CC`s President Hrayr  Tovmasyan and his family

A protest rally is taking place in front of Armenian NSS against the  actions of this structure in relation to CC`s President Hrayr  Tovmasyan and his family

ArmInfo. The National Security Service of Armenia explained why the father and two daughters of Hrayr Tovmasyan were called to the NSS for the second day in a row. 

According to the NSS press service, in the course of preparing  materials on this case, it became necessary to get clarifications  from the closest relatives of President of the Constitutional Court  Hrayr Tovmasyan.  The message also says that additional information  will be provided subsequently. The father of the chairman of the  Constitutional Court, 75-year-old Vardan Tovmasyan, is again summoned  to the National Security Service today.

Meanwhile, in front of the building of the National Security Service   of Armenia, a protest rally is taking place against the actions of  this structure in relation to CC's President Hrayr Tovmasyan and his  family. 

About 50 people gathered, the bulk of which were representatives of  human rights organizations. The action is initiated by a lawyer,  human rights activist, co-founder of the Legal Way NGO Ruben  Melikyan.  In an interview with reporters, Melikyan noted that the  involvement of the NSS in political processes inflicts a blow to its  authority. As for the accusation against the head of the  Constitutional Court of "usurpation of power," the human rights  activist noted that the data are completely groundless.

Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates is Ara Gagik Zohrabyan on his  Facebook page expressed his concern about the fact that members of  the Tovmasyan family have been in the focus of attention of the  security forces of Armenia for several days now. Zohrabyan stated  that his concern is also caused by the fact that if the President of  the Constitutional Court remains defenseless in the country, then all  other citizens are also in danger. Zohrabyan expressed readiness to  assume the functions of lawyer for the Tovmasyan family.

It should be noted that on October 17, the press secretary of the  SIS, Marina Ohanjanyan, told ArmInfo that the staff of the Special  Investigation Service carried out investigative actions in the  Constitutional Court and the central office of the former ruling RPA.

To recall, the Special Investigation Service opened a criminal case  on the seizure of state power by a group of persons on the basis of a  statement by the independent deputy of the National Assembly of  Armenia Arman Babajanyan. The case was brought under Article 300 of  the RA Criminal Code (seizure of power through violence or the threat  of violence, as well as the appropriation of the powers of the  President, NA Speaker, Government or the Constitutional Court by  methods not provided for by the Constitution). The statement of the  MP concerns the legality of the chairmanship of the head of the  Constitutional Court of Armenia Hrayr Tovmasyan in this position. The  MP in his message to the Prosecutor General's Office noted that  Tovmasyan committed violations of the law upon assuming this position  in 2018. That is, Tovmasyan's MP duties  were terminated without a  corresponding statement, on the basis of a nonexistent justification  by the that time NA President. According to Babajanyan, MP duties  cannot be terminated on non-existent grounds.

Representatives of the Armenia's Human Rights Defender's office  yesterday discussed issues related to the calling of the father and  daughters of President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan to  the National Security Service and their rights with the National  Security Service. This was reported by the press service of the  office of the Ombudsman of Armenia. 

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