Friday, October 18 2019 12:39
Alexandr Avanesov

Armenian parliament holds hearings on draft amendments to  constitutional law "On Parties"

Armenian parliament holds hearings on draft amendments to  constitutional law "On Parties"

ArmInfo.At the initiative of the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Ararat Mirzoyan, hearings on the draft amendments to the constitutional law "On Parties" are  held in the National Assembly of Armenia.

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, Lena  Nazaryan, MP from the "My Step" faction, Amazasp Danielyan and  others, who spoke at the hearing, noted the importance of the draft  law submitted for discussion, which was agreed with international  structures. They stated the need to maintain the identity and  independence of parties, while at the same time pointing out the need  to streamline their activities. The document, in particular, provides  for the provision of state assistance to parties. In particular, the  state guarantees the provision of offices in the regions of the  country to the political forces represented in parliament. In  addition, the government will increase the volume of state financial  assistance by 5-10 times for all parties without exception. The  provision regarding the suspension of their activities in the event  of non-participation in two or more general elections is removed from  the current law. The activities of parties may be suspended in  exceptional cases. The executive body of each party will be a Council  of at least 5 members. Moreover, the prevalence in the composition of  the Council of one sex over the other should not exceed 70%.  Donations can be accepted exclusively by bank transfer.  In order to  control the flow of funds during the electoral processes, the  creation of a special body is envisaged. 

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