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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Turkey expects two scenarios: the collapse or seizure of  new territories

Forecast: Turkey expects two scenarios: the collapse or seizure of  new territories

ArmInfo. The further prospects of Turkey as a state lie either in its collapse or in the seizure of new territories in order to "dissolve" the Kurds in the Turkic world.  A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfopolitologist Stepan  Danielyan.

"Already today Turkey has faced a demographic crisis. Moreover, this  crisis is caused not by insufficient natural population growth of the  country, but by the fact that this growth is mainly provided by  Kurds.  Moreover, the population of conditional Kurdistan is growing  not only numerically, its geography is spreading. In other words,  there are more and more Kurds in the territories where previously  their number was very small, "he stressed.

According to the political scientist, the Turkish president Erdogan,  having voiced several years ago that Turkey had demographic problems  and urged Turkish mothers to give birth more, had in mind the Kurdish  problem. In Danielyan's view, time is working against the territorial  integrity of Turkey today, and no solutions to this problem can be  seen.

"It is in this light that I consider Erdogan's Baku statements about"  one nation, six states. "In this light, Ilham Aliyev's statements  about" Zangezur dividing the Turkic world "must be considered. By and  large, the territory of Armenia is not an obstacle as much on the  road to the Turkic dream, how much is the problem of saving Turkey  from the Kurds and the disappointing prospects associated with them,  "the political scientist concluded.

On October 15, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev voiced claims on  the territory of Armenia during the Cooperation Council of Turkic  Speaking States in Baku. "Nakhchivan is separated from mainland  Azerbaijan. Zangezur, an ancient Azerbaijani land, is located between  them. Its transfer to Armenia created a geographical split in the  Turkic world," Aliyev said. 

The spokeswoman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry, Anna Naghdalyano,  characterized these statements by Aliyev as yet another claim to the  territory of Armenia, this time focusing on pan-Turkism. "The  distorted views of Azerbaijan and Turkey on regional security, based  on racism and discrimination, impede the peaceful resolution of  conflicts and contribute to the creation of instability in the region  and beyond. All this makes the priority of ensuring the security of  the Armenian people obvious," Naghdalyan said.

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