Thursday, October 10 2019 19:10
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Andrea Victorin: EU has already doubled its financial assistance to  Armenia

Andrea Victorin: EU has already doubled its financial assistance to  Armenia

ArmInfo. The European Union has already doubled the financial assistance provided to Armenia, which will cover all areas of cooperation. On October 10, in an  interview with reporters, the head of the EU delegation in Armenia  Andrea Victorin  told ArmInfo.  "We continue discussions with the  Armenian government to determine the priorities of our activities.  Our cooperation will cover such priority areas as reform of the  judicial system and the fight against corruption," the ambassador  said, while recalling the close cooperation with Armenia in the field  of nature protection.

According to her, the EU is closely cooperating with the Ministry of  Nature Protection of Armenia on improving the water quality of Lake  Sevan, in addition, serious attention is paid to raising awareness,  in this regard, a large educational event was held in Yerevan on the  eve of the 10th anniversary of the EU Eastern Partnership program .

Victorin also pointed out the interaction in the economic sector,  recalled the implementation of a project to promote small and  medium-sized businesses. The European diplomat emphasized that in all  these areas, cooperation is developing successfully.

In conclusion, Victorin informed that two rounds of negotiations  between Armenia and the EU are expected to be held soon, which will  allow to outline further areas of cooperation.  The European Union is  Armenia's largest financial donor and its main partner in  implementing the reform agenda aimed at improving governance,  strengthening the economy, deepening ties and human contacts.   Through grant programs, the EU annually allocates ? 40 million to  support reforms in governance, the private sector, education and  regional development. Since 2014, through loans and grants, the EU  has invested more than 1 billion euros in the energy, agricultural  and transport infrastructures of Armenia.

In the summer of this year, the Armenian Foreign Minister at a  parliamentary hearing said that "In 2019, EU support is estimated at  40 million euros. An additional fund of 25 million euros is also  provided. 

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