Thursday, October 10 2019 15:24
Naira Badalian

Armenian government held a closed-door discussion on  situation in  northern Syria

Armenian government held a closed-door discussion on  situation in  northern Syria

ArmInfo.After a closed-door cabinet meeting, the Armenian government held a discussion on the situation in northern Syria. The Secretary of the Security Council of  Armenia Armen Grigoryan stated this on October 10 in an interview  with reporters after the discussion.

According to him, the focus of the Armenian government is on the  regions inhabited by Armenians. "At present, there is an order to  understand how we can help them, to ensure the security of the Syrian  Armenians," Grigoryan said.

On October 9, the Turkish Armed Forces invaded the Syrian Republic.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a government meeting  announced that the Republic of Armenia condemns this invasion. As  stated in a statement by the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the Republic  of Armenia condemns Turkey's military invasion of northeast Syria,  which will lead to further deterioration of the situation in the  region, civilian casualties, a large flow of internally displaced  persons, and, ultimately, a new flow of humanitarian crisis. "The  situation is particularly worrisome for national and religious  minorities. This military invasion also poses an immediate threat of  gross and massive violations of human rights based on identity.  Armenia calls for effective international efforts to stop this  military invasion, prevent mass atrocities and protect the people of  Syria bordering with Turkey. Armenia supports the unity and  sovereignty of Syria and calls for refraining from military  encroachments on Syria and its people. Armenia will continue to  provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly Syrian people at the  local level ",  the RA Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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