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Historical and Archaeological Museum of Erebuni will acquire a new  building

Historical and Archaeological Museum of Erebuni will acquire a new  building

ArmInfo.The Erebuni Historical and Archaeological Museum will acquire a new building. The contract on financing the project was signed today by Yerevan Mayor  Hayk Marutyan and American philanthropist of Armenian descent John  Balyan.

As the press service of the Yerevan Municipality reports, the  investment program provides for the construction of a new modern  building right behind the museum, which should be in harmony with  architecture and will be equipped with innovative technologies. New  exhibition halls with animated exhibits will be presented in the new  building, and visitors will get acquainted with the history of  Yerevan through a virtual tour. Scientific laboratories will also be  opened in the area.

Within the framework of the project, a tender for construction will  be announced. The total cost of the program is more than $ 1.5  million.

Mayor Hayk Marutyan, emphasizing the importance of the expansion  program of the Erebuni Museum, noted that this is an exceptional  project, which is designed to play a unique role in the development  and revitalization of the cultural life of Yerevan.

Philanthropist John Balyan, in turn, noted that the implementation of  the project was expected for his entire family. "For many years my  wife and I thought about what we can do for Armenia and the Armenian  people. We thought and discussed many projects, but in the end we  decided to implement the cultural idea.  Erebuni and the Urartu  region played an important role in shaping our history and culture.  Our goal is to expand the museum's space and attract more visitors.  The signing of the contract was the first step in this direction. I  hope next year we will lay the first stone in the foundation of the  future building, "he said. 

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