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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenian President elected chairperson of UNCTAD Panel of Eminent  Persons

Armenian President elected chairperson of UNCTAD Panel of Eminent  Persons

ArmInfo. On a working visit to Switzerland, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian at the UN headquarters in Geneva took part in the discussions of UNCTAD Panel  of Eminent Persons. 

As the RA President's press service told ArmInfo, Sarkissian has been  elected as the chair of the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on  Trade and Development) Panel of Eminent Persons. 

The Group provides consulting on the vision of trade and developments  for the next ten years, urgent economic development challenges,  proposes ideas and solutions to overcome these challenges. The  members of the Group, who are heads of state and government, leading  experts and economists, are invited personally by the UNCTAD  Secretary-General.Group meetings are held in a closed format in  accordance with Chatham House rules.

With the participation of Sarkissian, panel discussions on "Main  Challenges and Opportunities" were held by UNCTAD Secretary General  Mukhisa Kituy.  The Secretary General of the structure, following the  results of discussions, said that a group of influential persons is  called upon to help understand where the world is moving and what  needs to be paid more attention, given the challenges. He also called  the participation of the RA President in this event important. 

In turn, former Secretary General of Francophonie Michaelle Jean ,  who also participated in the event, emphasized that it is not very  important for Armenia to be seen on this site as a member of the  group, as it has wonderful memories of Armenia. "I believe that your  country plays an important role in the field of information  technology, for example, the TUMO Creative Technology Center, whose  educational system is exported to different countries of the world.  The special attention Armenia places on education, supporting young  people in the application of new technologies is very innovative  approach, and this is a significant fact, " Jean concluded.

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