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Ani Mshetsyan

Edmon Marukyan: Bright Armenia will accept and support any decision  of the Constitutional Court in the case of the termination of powers  of Hrayr Tovmasyan

Edmon Marukyan: Bright Armenia will accept and support any decision  of the Constitutional Court in the case of the termination of powers  of Hrayr Tovmasyan

ArmInfo. We have noted more than once that the non-participation of the Prosperous Armenia faction in the vote on the initiative to terminate the powers of President of  the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan is due to the legal  inferiority of the document. On October 7, Iveta Tonoyan, MP from the  Prosperous Armenia faction, stated this during briefings in the  National Assembly of Armenia.

She noted that representatives of the faction have repeatedly  stressed that this document is very doubtful in terms of wording.  "The members of our party have repeatedly noted that none of us has  any connection with Hrayr Tovmsyan. However, in this case, we found  that the rationale is insufficient. I want to assure you that if I  myself find any disciplinary violations in the behavior of Hrayr  Tovmyasyan, I myself will come up with the initiative to terminate  his powers, "the MP emphasized.

Tonoyan also stated that it is quite normal when the opinion of the  opposition and the parliamentary majority does not coincide.

In turn, the MP from the fraction of the "My Step" bloc Vladimir  Vardanyan noted that the Constitutional Court is one of the most  important institutions of Armenia, and the attitude towards it should  be appropriate. "In this case, we need to realize that we are not  fighting against Hrayr Tovmasyan as an individual. He carried out a  disciplinary violation, and we reacted to it. A similar violation and  a similar process could take place in the case of any other member of  the Constitutional Court," the MP stressed.

Vardanyan also noted that if the Constitutional Court decides that  there are no grounds for terminating the powers of Hrayr Tovmasyan,  then so be it. "We do not intend to think over the next steps if the  Constitutional Court makes a decision opposite to our position. For  us, the termination of Tovmasyan's powers is not an end in itself,"  the MP noted.

At the same time, he said that this process will not be able to solve  the crisis prevailing in the Constitutional Court. According to  Vardanyan, too many factors are involved in the crisis, and it is  impossible to solve them in a similar way.

Head of the faction of Bright Armenia party Edmon Marukyan stated  that the faction will take any decision of the Constitutional Court  and will reckon with it. "We don't think that the issue of  terminating the powers of Hrayr Tovmasyan is the main problem of the  country. The ruling bloc came up with this initiative and we joined  it, however, we believe that there are much more important issues in  Armenia," he emphasized.

He also said that he did not agree with the allegations that a crisis  was emerging in the Constitutional Court.  "If any body works, then  there is no crisis in it, and the Constitutional Court works,"  Marukyan concluded.

It should be noted that the ruling "My Step" faction initiated a  process to terminate powers of President of the Constitutional Court  Hrayr Tovmasyan. Parliament has already approved the corresponding  draft law, which has been submitted to the Constitutional Court.  Members of the Constitutional Court will decide whether Tovmasyan  will leave the post or not. 

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