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Ani Mshetsyan

Armenian parliamentary factions condemn attack on "Hayeli" press club

Armenian parliamentary factions condemn attack on "Hayeli" press club

ArmInfo. Attacks on the media cannot be justified under any circumstances. MP from the Prosperous Armenia faction, press secretary of the party's head, Gagik  Tsarukyan, Iveta Tonoyan, said this during a briefing in the National  Assembly of Armenia, commenting on the attack on the "Hayeli" press  club (Mirror-Ed. note)

The MP noted that Armenia is a democratic state. Consequently, there  can be no alternative to freedom of speech and the right to freedom  of action of the media. "We believe that law enforcement agencies  should take appropriate measures as soon as possible. Those guilty  should naturally be punished to the fullest extent of the law,"  Tonoyan emphasized.

In turn, MP from the fraction of the My Step bloc, Vladimir  Vardanyan, also condemned the attack on the "Hayeli" press club. He  noted that if there is no free journalism in Armenia, then democracy  in the republic may be in jeopardy.

"I do not always share the opinion of various media, including the  "Hayeli"press club, and this is normal.  However, I believe that such  actions are unacceptable. Each media has the right to freely express  their point of view," the MP noted .  Head of the Bright Armenia  faction Edmon Marukyan agreed with the point of view of his  colleagues. 

According to the MP, when a group of people tries to act in the  interests of a particular political force, they do a disservice to  representatives of this force. "I hope that in the near future law  enforcement agencies will identify and punish the perpetrators. You  can't do this in a country that positions itself as a democratic  state. However, I would not argue that freedom of speech in Armenia  is under threat," he stressed.

The MP noted that such attacks on the media will lead to the fact  that during the next session in PACE, representatives of the  Azerbaijani delegation will accuse Armenia of lacking democracy. "I  don't understand why create such situations, because later we will be  forced to deny these allegations in PACE and other parliamentary  international venues. We understand that the point of view of the  media may not coincide with the point of view of this or that person,  but still I urge the public refrain from violence, " Marukyan  concluded.

To note, on October 5, several young people attacked the  "Hayeli"press club. They claimed that "Hayeli" was spreading  pro-Azerbaijani information and demanded the closure of the press  club. In turn, the head of the press club, Angela Tovmasyan, stated  that the attack was connected with her opposition position, as well  as with the position of the authorities in connection with the  situation with her brother Hrayr Tovmyasyan.  Ombudsman of Armenia  Arman Tatoyan also commented on the incident, saying that attacks on  the media are unacceptable.  To recall, the ruling "My Step" faction  initiated a process to terminate powers of President of the  Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan. Parliament has already approved  the corresponding draft law, which has been submitted to the  Constitutional Court. Members of the Constitutional Court will decide  whether Tovmasyan will leave the post or not. 

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