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Pashinyan on the idea of pan-Armenianism: 10 million Armenians around  the world will become promoters of the new Armenia

Pashinyan on the idea of pan-Armenianism: 10 million Armenians around  the world will become promoters of the new Armenia

ArmInfo. "Being Armenian is  interesting, and together we must make us more and more interesting,"  said Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a rally in Los Angeles,  touching on the idea of a pan-Armenian movement.

The prime minister recalled that on August 5 at a rally in  Stepanakert he talked about the idea of pan- Armenianism. "I am  convinced that many of you, if not all, have been following this  event, and I don't want to repeat what I said there. I want to add to  this the meaning of the idea of pan-Armenianism. This means that all  Armenians of the world, without distracting from their daily  activities, from their lives, their activities, should have and  demonstrate a desire to act for the good of Armenia and Artsakh. I  want to emphasize that this word is addressed to the entire Diaspora  - America, Europe, Asia, "he said.

According to the prime minister, in practice this does not mean  acting against the country of their residence and in favor of  Armenia. "My point is that our compatriots living in these countries  should make efforts to strengthen friendly relations between these  countries and Armenia, to proclaim a new perception of Armenia and  its protection. Yes, since we have created a new image of Armenia  together, we must continue to proclaim New Armenia or, as they say,  to promote it, "he said, expressing the hope that 10 million  Armenians around the world will become" promoters of Armenia, because  Armenia is our common land, and Armenia is our common homeland."

Nikol Pashinyan expressed hope that after the events in Armenia the  interest of Armenian youth in the country will increase. "I was told  that this phenomenon already exists, that hundreds, thousands of  Armenians - young people in America, everywhere who do not even know  how to speak Armenian, have sparked interest in their homeland, their  own identity and their history. We in our turn wishing to attract the  attention of young people to this new situation, have thought of such  a statement or a slogan for them that says: dear compatriots being  Armenians is interesting, and together we must make us more and more  interesting. Since being an Armenian is really interesting, because  Armenian people have not only a great past, not only a great present,  but also a much greater future, and today we are building this future  together, "said the Prime Minister.

The head of the Armenian government emphasized that the United States  has always assisted Armenia and the Armenian people. The Prime  Minister thanked the US Congress, members of the California State  House of Representatives, who, through their objective activities,  contributed to the development of Armenian- American friendly  relations, thanked the California House of Representatives for the  recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the proclamation of April 24  as Commemoration Day.

The prime minister also thanked the US Armenians for assisting the  "velvet revolution". "It doesn't matter which one of you was  physically present. We forged this victory together, which brought  new glory to Armenia and the Armenian people. Today the whole world  considers Armenia to be the hope of democracy and this hope was  created by you. Without the Diaspora, without invaluable daily  assistance from Diaspora Armenia could not stand on its own. The  Diaspora defended the rear of Armenia, nourished Armenia, "Pashinyan  said. He thanked the Diaspora for the tremendous help in the Artsakh  liberation struggle.  "Victory would not have been possible without  the assistance of the Diaspora," Pashinyan emphasized.  Pashinyan  noted the role of traditional parties. The support of Kirk Krkoryan  and Charles Aznavour, as the prime minister pointed out, continues to  warm the soul of the Armenian people today.

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