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Naira Badalian

Pashinyan invited all Armenians of the world to celebrate New Year  and Christmas in Armenia

Pashinyan invited all Armenians of the world to celebrate New Year  and Christmas in Armenia

ArmInfo. Armenian Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a rally in Los Angeles "Grand Park"  invited all Armenians present to celebrate New Year and Christmas  holidays in Yerevan.

So, according to the Prime Minister, today many Armenians are  returning to Armenia. "Compared to 2015, the positive balance of  crossing the border of Armenia has grown 32 times - can you imagine?  But I want to talk about the great repatriation, saying that living  in Armenia is not just living in Armenia physically.  Living in  Armenia also means to be obsessed with Armenia. I want to say that  life in Armenia is not means physically staying in Armenia 12 months  a year and, in general, life any country in the 21st century does not  mean that is physically located in the same place 12 months of the  year ",  Pashinyan said.  According to him, the modern world is such  that many people, especially successful ones, spend most of the year  traveling. "And I want to send a message to our compatriots: Great  repatriation also means, for example, the need for a physical stay in  Armenia for a month or two in a year and life in Armenia. Today in  Armenia and Yerevan, real estate prices are rising, and have a house  in Yerevan, in Armenia means to make a good and reliable investment.  And for those who do not yet have a home in Armenia: every Armenian  must have a home in Armenia. Repatriation means to have a business in  Armenia and, most importantly, to have citizenship of the Republic of  Armenia. Every Armenian should have citizenship of the Republic of  Armenia ", Pashinyan said.

As the Prime Minister pointed out, unfortunately, today the tradition  of celebrating the New Year outside Armenia is formed. In this  regard, according to him, the country's authorities are thinking  about how to give the upcoming New Year a special, fresh spirit, to  make the Christmas holidays special. "Yerevan usually empties during  the New Year holidays. We want to make the streets and squares of  Yerevan full of people celebrating the New Year and Christmas  holidays. We are currently implementing a large program to invite you  all to celebrate New Year in Yerevan," he declared.

At the end of his speech, the head of government wished all those  present to fix that further Armenia is not a small country. "But due  to the fact that the physical borders of the republic have undergone  changes, and for the reason that from now on Armenia represents not  only the Armenians living in the RA, but all 10 million Armenians,"  he said. 


Уважаемая Лиана, я отлично понимаю ваше состояние, и был бы очень рад, чтобы все мешающее нормальной жизни счастливых людей осталось в прошлом. Революции требуют жертв. К счастью бархатная революция обошлась без крови. Но свои счета она предљявляет. Вместе с тем, революции и прочие непокои, экономические и прочие неободимости не оправдаются перед знаменитой слезой ребенка по Достоевскому. Я считаю, что обойтись без них можно. И это потвердит будущее. Вопрос в том, сколько мы еще дров наломаем.
Аргели Лиана, ес дзес асканум эм, ев патраст эм амадзайнвем Дзер мткери эт. Эхапохутюнэ мишт берум э зоэр, это зоэр зох бэрохиц. Байц айд болорэ воч ми керпов чи ардарацнум айн айтни Достоевску ерехаи арцукэ.
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