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Asya Balayan

"Prosperous Armenia": In the retirement of the head of the National  Security Council, we see intra-power processes

"Prosperous Armenia": In the retirement of the head of the National  Security Council, we see intra-power processes

ArmInfo.The resignation of the head of the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia, Artur Vanetsyan, has certain intra-power processes, and in order to  assess these circumstances, the true meaning of all the statements  that were voiced these days should be disclosed. On September 17,  during the traditional briefings in the National Assembly of the  Republic of Armenia, MP from the Prosperous Armenia faction Arman  Abovyan stated this.

<We cannot give an assessment when the information is inferior, we  can only look for subtexts, draw conclusions, however, to give  assessment, there should be a little clarity, "said Abovyan.

In turn, the deputy from the PAP, Iveta Tonoyan, continued that at  the moment they do not fully own the information that happened, and  although there are certain hints, however, to draw political  conclusions on their basis, according to the deputy, is not the best  way.

<I hope Mr. Vanetsyan will have an occasion to say what he had in  mind in his statement in connection with his resignation, and the  relevant authorities will have the opportunity to receive comments.  The ball is located exclusively on the field of power, and they  should shed light on this process, "Iveta Tonoyan said, adding that  so far only hints are heard on the basis of which they do not make  statements.

<Surprising and strange, the fact that there is a confrontation  between society, and that until yesterday the director of the NSS was  considered one of the most influential people of the "revolutionary  period", he was always praised, but from yesterday became the target  of violent criticism and appreciation? During this time, we followed  the work of Vanetsyan. Naturally, the NSS is a structure that is very  difficult to assess, since we are dealing with national security. We  evaluate the work of Vanetsyan, in any case, not negatively, "the  deputy concluded.

Recall that the resignation of Vanetsyan on September 16 was  announced by the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan during a  press conference in Vanadzor. After that, Vanetsyan himself announced  his resignation, noting in his statement that "the spontaneity of  decisions, sweeping actions, the absence of differences between the  primary and secondary are not the path that leads to the achievement  of goals".  Armenian President Armen Sargsyan signed a decree on  dismissing Vanetsyan from the post of director of the Service  national security.

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