Tuesday, September 17 2019 11:33
Naira Badalian

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia proposes to revise  the system of providing family benefits

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia proposes to revise  the system of providing family benefits

ArmInfo.Under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, a meeting of the Council on Improving the Demographic Situation was held the day  before.

According to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister, during the  meeting Avinyan recalled that the government in its program of  activities was obliged to provide stimulation of the birth rate and  stability of the demographic situation. This policy, he said, is not  an end in itself, and is due to the country's military, economic and  social security. "Our policy will be revolutionary, since the task,  which has taken such deep roots, is very multispersed and its  overcoming requires innovative and justified solutions," he said.   According to him, as of today, the Council has identified demographic  problems, an analysis based on evidence has been carried out, which  will allow us to move from the preparatory stage to practical  actions.  As the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out, measures aimed at  improving the demographic situation require operational execution and  should be started already from 2020.

Speaking about the planned programs, Tigran Avinyan stated the need  for the development and implementation of programs to stimulate  fertility and promote young families. Programs will also be developed  for returnee families, giving priority to young families.

To this end, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has developed  and submitted to the court concerned program proposals in the  following areas: a possible revision of the system for providing  family benefits, in particular, a lump-sum allowance for childbirth  and childcare benefits; providing care for children from pre-school  and school institutions of an extended day; additional assistance to  young families in the provision of housing.

It should be noted that as of January 1, 2019, the resident  population of Armenia amounted to 2 million 996 thousand people,  which is 7.6 thousand less than in 2018. 

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