Thursday, September 12 2019 15:18
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Semerikov: The CSTO did not address the issue of Azerbaijan`s  membership

Semerikov: The CSTO did not address the issue of Azerbaijan`s  membership

ArmInfo. All statements, decisions, intentions about membership in the CSTO or obtaining observer status should be received in the prescribed manner by the  secretariat, I have no applications from Azerbaijan, or anything like  that. On September 12, the acting CSTO Secretary General Valery  Semerikov said in an interview with reporters.

"This issue has not been considered. Someone said from the rostrum,  expressed their personal subjective opinions and this issue was  spread. This is not right. There are rules and procedures, there are  provisions approved by the heads of state, there are requirements for  partners and observers, and they should be strictly implemented. Only  after this the issue of membership or partnership, or observation can  be considered, "Semerikov emphasized, while advising those interested  to visit CSTO website to familiarize themselves with the rules and  procedures of membership or an gaining an observer status in the  organization.

He once again recalled that according to the CSTO regulatory  framework, all decisions are made strictly by consensus, that is,  with the consent of all states and if there is no consent of one  state, the decision will not will be adopted. As an example, he cited  the situation with appointment of the new CSTO Secretary General.  "Yuri Ivanovich (Chairman of the International Commission on  Military-Economic Cooperation Yuri Borisov - Ed. note)  said in the  context of the fact that our doors are not closed for anyone. Any  state may express a desire to become a partner, observer or member of  the Organization, but there are certain restrictions, which are  stated in the documents. And the fact that someone, somewhere from  the rostrum or on the sidelines said something means nothing, you  know, we also say a lot of things: ", Semerikov concluded.

To the journalist's comment on the sale by Russia of arms to  Azerbaijan, CSTO acting Secretary General in particular, said: "You  know, I do not sell weapons!"

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