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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Vitaly Balasanyan made a statement on invitation for interrogation by  Armenia`s SIS

Vitaly Balasanyan made a statement on invitation for interrogation by  Armenia`s SIS

ArmInfo.Vitaly  Balasanyan, a former secretary of the Nagorno-Karabakh Security  Council, made a statement in connection with the invitation to the  Special Investigation Service of Armenia for interrogation.

 Thus, according to Balasanyan's statement, which he published on his  Facebook page, on September 3 of this year, the press published  information that a notice was sent to him by the SIS of Armenia.  "Since according to the requirements of article 201, part 2 of the RA  Criminal Code there is no notice of the obligation not to disclose  the preliminary investigation data without permission, I consider  myself entitled to notify the public what is the matter. First of  all, I note that the confidentiality of the data of the investigation  in criminal case 62202608 is not respected as provided by law  (testimonies of Major General S. Karapetyan and Major General K.  Vardanyan), including the summons sent to me. Below I present copies  of the summons, my testimonies and videos. In the future I will  address in detail all comments on this issue, " Balasanyan said,  posting photographs of interrogation documents below.

Yesterday, the SIS also reported that Vitaly Balasanyan was again  called for interrogation to the Special Investigation Service in the  "March 1" case. SIS reported that after receiving the Balasanyan's  statement to clarify some circumstances of the case, he was again  sent a summons.

To recall, earlier, with a view to calling for interrogation, Vitaly  Balasanyan was sent a summons through the Artsakh police, but later  Balasanyan submitted a statement stating that he received the summons  later than the interrogation deadline indicated in it. He also said  that during the events of March 1-2, 2008 he was not in Yerevan, and  his data on these events is limited to what was accessible to the  general public and through the media. 

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