Thursday, August 22 2019 12:34
Alexandr Avanesov

Administration system in the field of subsoil use in Armenia will be  simplified

Administration system in the field of subsoil use in Armenia will be  simplified

ArmInfo. The administration system in the field of subsoil use in Armenia will be simplified. At the meeting of August 22, the RA Government approved the amendments  to the Subsoil Code and the package of related laws.

According to the First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration  and Infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia Vache Terteryan, the  documents are aimed at resolving problems in the field of development  of non-metallic deposits. The package, in particular, provides for  the exclusion of the procedure for the submission of all kinds of  certificates, since the authority has all the necessary information  for each field.  The dates are also set for the necessary geological  research, which, according to the deputy minister, is necessary for a  more precise organization of this process. The order of describing  the field is also being regulated, including when creating  infrastructures and conducting large-scale construction works that  may affect the subsoil. A one-time resolution mechanism will be  introduced to carry out this work. During the construction of  underground warehouses, in addition to a one-time permit, it will be  necessary to obtain a government decision. In case of violation of  these provisions, penalties will be applied, in connection with which  amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses will be introduced.  To obtain one-time permits, a state fee of 20 thousand drams will be  required.

The deputy minister also emphasized that given the large-scale work  under the North-South highway construction project and the  implementation of subsidy projects, there is a need to discuss the  package in the country's parliament in an emergency discussion mode. 

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