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Ani Mshetsyan

Participants in a rally against the exploitation of the Amulsar mine  claim that the police used disproportionate force against them

Participants in a rally against the exploitation of the Amulsar mine  claim that the police used disproportionate force against them

ArmInfo. On August 19, employees of the Ombudsman of Armenia monitored shares related to the Amulsar mine.

According to the press service of the Ombudsman of Armenia, the  monitoring was carried out through the media and social media. In particular,  the focus of the monitoring was on the actions of the police. The Human Rights  Defender's office hotline received 7 signals that the police had used disproportionate  physical force against the protesters and some of them had been brought to the police department. According to one report, one of the citizens subjected to the drive needed medical attention.

On behalf of Arman Tatoyan, the quick reaction group went to the  police department of the Arabkir district of Yerevan, in which it  turned out that 6 protesters were subjected to a drive, one of which  was delivered to the Surb Grigor Lusavorich medical center. In this  regard, one group immediately went to the medical center.

At the police station, the Ombudsman's office held personal  interviews with the citizens who were brought in. The latter claimed that the police  did not show the latter the reasons for their detention; moreover, they complained about the  disproportionate use of physical force.

Employees of the office of the Ombudsman of Armenia studied the  register of persons subjected to a drive and recorded violations of the accounting procedure.  It was also recorded that those in the police department were released within the period specified  by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia "On Administrative Offenses". The detainees were explained their rights, the procedure for contacting a human rights defender and the procedure for discussing complaints.

The ombudsman's office staff who went to the Surb Grigor Lusavorich  medical center also had a personal interview with the hospitalized  person. His health condition was recorded. During a personal  conversation, the protester stated that the police used violence  against him, moreover, they hit the latter on the head and legs, as a  result of which his health condition worsened. Representatives of the  Ombudsman also had a personal conversation with him in the police  department, where he again confirmed this information.  During the  visit, it also turned out that three people who were brought to the  police, including a hospitalized person, filed an application for the  commission of crimes by the police. Based on the results of the visits,  relevant reports will be submitted to the police and prosecutors of Armenia.  In turn, the Armenian police spread the message that the statement of Gegham  Adyan, who was in the medical center, was not true, and the police did not  beat him. Moreover, the police say that all their actions were carried out  strictly within the law. "We rule out the beating of Adyan, however, we want  to note that when a person is subjected to drive, physical force may be used  against him. At the police station, the protest' participant became ill and  the police called an ambulance, after which the latter was taken to a medical  center ", - said in a statement to the police. Note that on August 19,  clashes occurred between participants in the protest against the operation  of the Amulsar mine and the police. Activists tried to enter the courtyard  of the Armenian parliament and hold meetings there, but they were not given  that opportunity. After which they tried to block traffic in front of the  National Assembly of Armenia. However, after brief negotiations with the  protesters, the police, using force, began to force the protesters out of  the roadway. After some time, traffic was restored. Police subjected 6  protesters.

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