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Alexandr Avanesov

A general meeting commission on disciplinary issues will be  introduced in Armenia, which will assess the integrity of judges

A general meeting commission on disciplinary issues will be  introduced in Armenia, which will assess the integrity of judges

ArmInfo. A new structure will be introduced in Armenia - the commission of the general meeting on disciplinary issues, which will assess the integrity of judges. The  Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia on a single platform  of legal acts www. is published for public comment on the  package of amendments to the Judicial Code, the Law on the  Constitutional Court and related laws.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Justice of the  Republic of Armenia, the introduction of the new structure will  allow, on the one hand, to increase the effectiveness of the fight  against corruption and protectionism in the judiciary, to exclude  personal relations when making a judicial decision, and on the other  hand, it will make it possible not to violate the independence and  stability of the judicial system. The commission will submit its  decisions to the relevant structures, in particular, in the case of  judges, to the High Judicial Council, endowed with a constitutional  mission to ensure the independence of the judiciary, and in cases  with judges of the Constitutional Court, to the Constitutional Court.  In addition to judges, it is proposed to include one representative  of the Ombudsman and two representatives of civil society in the  composition of the commission in order to ensure the transparency of  the activities of this commission.  The draft amendments, among other  regulations, provide for the application of a number of  administrative proceedings against a judge on the basis of a failure  to submit a declaration on property, income, and other necessary  information about changing property to the corruption prevention  commission. This may be considered a significant disciplinary  offense, and the Supreme Judicial Council may decide to terminate the  powers of a judge.

It is also planned to expand the powers of the commission on the  prevention of corruption in order to develop the ability to analyze  declarations. As a result of studying the act issued by the  International Court of Justice or another international instance in  relation to the Republic of Armenia, if there is a violation of the  current legislation in the judge's actions, disciplinary proceedings  may be instituted against him.  Based on international experience,  the minimum age for persons applying for judges is established - it  will be reduced from 28 years to 25 years. It is also envisaged to  introduce a scheme for early retirement of judges of the  Constitutional Court in order to create opportunities for  implementing the model for the formation of the Constitutional Court,  as provided for by amendments to the Constitution of the country from  2015.

The Ministry of Justice expects the active participation of all  interested parties in developing the best solutions for reforming the  sphere.

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