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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenian Secretary of Security Council spoke about vision of  new  national security strategy 

Armenian Secretary of Security Council spoke about vision of  new  national security strategy 

ArmInfo. Secretary of the  Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan spoke about the vision of  the new national security strategy of the Republic of Armenia, which  they were developing.

Thus, on July 26, at a press conference in Yerevan devoted to this  issue, Armen Grigoryan reminded that by decision of RA Prime Minister  Nikol Pashinyan, an interdepartmental group was created to coordinate  the development of the National Security Strategy.

"We are charged within a year to submit the draft National Security  Strategy for discussion of the Security Council, and then for  approval by the National Assembly. And we are ready to fulfill the  task entrusted to us, ensuring the wide involvement of all interested  structures during open public discussions of the document. I would  like to remind you that the national strategy security - a document  that identifies the main challenges and threats to national security,  and also indicates how the state is going to counter these challenges  and neutralize all threats. Why we decided to develop a new strategy?  The current strategy was created 12 years ago, after which  fundamental changes took place in the world. Since 2007, new  tendencies in the development of relations between Russia and the  West have been recorded, the Russian-Georgian war has occurred,  because of the tense Iran-US relations, Iran's border with Iran has  new problems to overcome sanctions, "said Grigoryan, while adding for  the Armenian authorities, it is important to exclude a repetition of  the events of April 2016.

The Secretary of the Security Council recalled that during this  period there were also serious changes in Armenia - in 2018 there was  a velvet revolution, besides the republic became a member of the  EAEU, signed an Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with  the EU.  "However, there are constant challenges, among the priority  ones - the issue of Artsakh, because of the refusal of the  Azerbaijani side to make mutual concessions, the Nagorno-Karabakh  conflict remains unresolved. Moreover, the Armenian-Turkish border is  still closed," Grigoryan stated.

At the same time, he stressed that the Armed Forces will be the real  pillar of the national security strategy of Armenia. According to  him, today there is a need to expand the concept of security, which  should include the effectiveness of the management system and the  development of strategic infrastructures. "We are confident that our  power comes not only from the security structures and capabilities of  the economy, but also from our ideas, leaders and reputation of the  country. Soft power is a component of the new strategy. It is also  deeply convinced that the security issues of Armenia, Artsakh and the  Diaspora are inextricably interconnected, and this logic will also be  revealed in the new National Security Strategy. The Diaspora is  viewed as a real and reliable partner. At the same time, the priority  task of Armenia is to ensure the safety of our compatriots abroad, "  Grigoryan added.

At the same time, he said, they strive to develop such a document  that will be flexible, will react to the changes taking place in  Armenia, the region and the world.

In conclusion, he quoted the Chinese military saying voiced recently  by the RA Ministry of Defense Nikol Pashinyan and which, according to  him, underlies the strategic vision of the RA leadership, to be  exact:  "Talented generals win without war."

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