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David Stepanyan

NKR Foreign Minister: Future President of Artsakh should not be  associated with money and weapons

NKR Foreign Minister: Future President of Artsakh should not be  associated with money and weapons

ArmInfo. At this stage in Artsakh there is a struggle between the past and the past. Commenting on the recent internal political processes in the republic, Ambassador  Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, former Minister of Foreign Affairs  of Artsakh Arman Melikyan expressed this opinion to ArmInfo.

"Such a struggle contains a negative and is aimed solely at  fragmentation of the Artsakh society.  Meanwhile, in my opinion, the  settling of old accounts should remain outside the framework of  state- building. Artsakh needs a president who is not a hostage of  internal, interpersonal, intergovernmental contradictions that are  not in doubt in the use of force in the resolution of domestic  political issues. This person should not be associated with money and  weapons ",  he stressed.

According to Melikyan, it is possible to find a similar, acceptable  for everyone presidential candidate in Artsakh today. However, for  this, competing political teams need to come to a full awareness of  their own responsibility for the common future of the Armenian people  as a nation. According to his forecasts, in the absence of such a  compromise candidate, the prospect of growing internal confrontation,  including civil clashes, will acquire real outlines. He is convinced  of the need to prevent such a scenario.

According to Melikyan, if Bako Sahakyan, Samvel Babayan, Arayik  Harutyunyan, Vitali Balasanyan and other important Artsakh political  actors agree on a mutually acceptable presidential candidate, after  the elections, the Artsakh Republic will have the opportunity to  significantly strengthen its own international positions, moreover,  both in the eyes of the international community and the OSCE Minsk  Group mediators, as well as Azerbaijan. Such a common candidate will  also allow raising the level of cooperation between Yerevan and  Stepanakert to a completely new level. Otherwise, according to his  forecasts, new risks and challenges may emerge in the negotiation  process.


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