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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Turkey`s classification by US think tanks as a "formal ally" will lead to increase of the importance of the South Caucasus countries

 Forecast: Turkey`s classification by US think tanks as a "formal  ally" will lead to increase of the importance of the South Caucasus  countries

ArmInfo. Turkey's classification  by the leading US think-tanks as an "unreliable partner" and "formal  ally" leads to a further increase in the importance of the South  Caucasus countries: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, Eduard  Abrahamyan, a researcher at the Department of International Relations  and Security at the University of Leicester (United Kingdom), an  expert at the Washington Institute of Central Asia and the Caucasus  at the American Council on Foreign Policy expressed such an opinion  to ArmInfo.

"This is how leading experts and analysts of the RAND Corporation,  the Atlantic Council, the Washington Middle East Policy Institute,  the Hudson Institut characterize Turkey in their reports. At the same  time, all the above-mentioned centers are involved in the development  of US regional and global policy. This suggests that the United  States lower Turkey's involvement in the functional programming of  its own regional programs. This, of course, leads to the isolation of  Turkey, in which Washington plays a significant role, "he stressed.

According to Abrahamyan's estimates, Turkey continues to be of major  strategic importance to the United States. However, the deepening of  Turkish-Russian relations, coupled with the expansion of the range of  clashes between Turkish and American interests, led to a rather  difficult situation and this situation due to a number of objective  and subjective reasons, has very weak prospects for improvement .

In this light, the analyst assesses the gradual deterioration of  relations between the US and Turkey as a process that is very  important for Armenia. First of all, due to its direct  interconnectedness with the changes and dynamics of the regional  military-political configuration. According to his estimates, the  next stage of an acute crisis in the allied relations of Washington  and Ankara is taking place. The current developments, in particular,  create further additional cracks in already complex and in focat far  from being allied relations between the United States and Turkey.  On  June 17, following the summit on cooperation and confidence-building  measures in Asia in Dushanbe, Turkish President Recep Erdogan,  describing the issue of Russian S-400 deliveries to Turkey as "a  completed deal," confirmed that deliveries would begin in the first  half of July. Washington is extremely dissatisfied with Ankara's  decision to acquire Russian S-400s and is preparing to withdraw  Turkey from its fifth-generation F-35 fighter pilot training program.  The Pentagon has already stated that Turkish pilots need to leave the  United States before July 31.   

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