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China`s Foreign Minister to Armenia`s PM: We are ready and intend to  deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation with Armenia under your  leadership

China`s Foreign Minister to Armenia`s PM: We are ready and intend to  deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation with Armenia under your  leadership

ArmInfo.Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan received member of member of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi. 

As the press service of the Prime Minister reports, the head of the  Armenian government welcomed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the  PRC in Armenia and warmly recalled his recent visit to China.   According to Pashinyan, he held very effective and good meetings with  the chairman, prime minister of China, Chinese businessmen, and was  glad that as a result of these discussions, the parties reached  concrete agreements on the development of mutually beneficial  cooperation. "Once again I would like to thank for the invitation to  take part in the conference" Dialogue of Asian Civilizations. "This  initiative is of great importance from the point of view of  cooperation between peoples, mutual trust and global stability. I  would also like to emphasize that the peoples of Armenia and China  are united by strong human ties and warm hospitality, "said the Prime  Minister of the Republic of Armenia.

Member of the State Council, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the  People's Republic of China, Wang Yi thanked the Prime Minister of  Armenia for reception and for participating in the Dialogue of Asian  Civilizations conference. According to him, China attaches great  importance to strengthening the dialogue and developing mutually  beneficial cooperation. As Wang Yi pointed out, the meetings of the  Prime Minister of Armenia with the top leadership of the People's  Republic of China in Beijing, as well as the agreements reached as a  result of the meetings, once again proved the importance of the  Armenian-Chinese relations, the need for their constant expansion and  deepening. The Chinese Foreign Minister noted that since the  establishment of diplomatic relations, the cooperation between  Armenia and China has effectively developed on the basis of mutual  respect and friendship between the two peoples. "We are ready and  intend to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with Armenia under  your leadership," Wang Yi said.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan noted that official reciprocal visits  and high-level meetings, which have recently become more frequent  between the two countries, testify to the positive dynamics of  development of Armenian-Chinese relations, and Armenian society has  very good attitude to this process. The Head of Government stressed  the importance of the Agreement between the Government of the  Republic of Armenia and the Government of the People's Republic of  China on the Mutual Cancellation of Visa Requirements for Persons  with Regular Passports signed by the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and  China, which will contribute to the development of not only  humanitarian, but also business contacts, as well as investment. In  this context, the Prime Minister proposed to jointly discuss the  prospects of creating direct air traffic.

The interlocutors discussed issues of deepening ties in a number of  areas within the framework of the reached bilateral agreements. In  particular, the possibilities of cooperation in the areas of road  construction, infrastructures, information and high technologies,  mechanical engineering, expansion of export markets for business  circles and implementation of investment programs were discussed.   The importance of cooperation in the construction of the North-South  highway was emphasized bilaterally.  According to Nikol Pashinyan,  the government of Armenia considers this project not only as a  program to develop road infrastructure, but also as an opportunity to  form a communication corridor that can be an important link in the  context of the initiative "One Belt, one Road." In turn, Wang Yi  noted that China is interested in building the North-South highway,  taking into account the importance of the project, both in the  framework of the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, and in the context  of regional development and stability.

The Prime Minister noted that the Government of the Republic of  Armenia is taking steps to increase technological production and in  this regard is also interested in deepening cooperation in the field  of information technology. Nikol Pashinyan invited Chinese companies  to take part in the World IT Forum, which will be held in Yerevan on  October 6-9 of this year. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China  noted that the high-tech sector in the PRC is developing rapidly and,  knowing the potential of Armenia in this area, China is ready to  discuss prospects for sharing experience and developing cooperation.  Wang Yi thanked for the invitation to take part in the World IT Forum  and noted that China will consider the opportunities and level of  participation.

The Prime Minister of Armenia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of  China also exchanged views on the problems of global and regional  security, stressed the importance of cooperation in the context of  strengthening global and regional stability.

Prime Minister Pashinyan expressed gratitude for China's balanced  position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 

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