Wednesday, May 15 2019 17:28
Ani Mshetsyan

Orientalist: Neither Iran nor the US wants War

Orientalist: Neither Iran nor the US wants War

ArmInfo. Recently, prerequisites have appeared that indicate that relations between the United States and Russia will improve. Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of  the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Ruben Safrastyan said  this at a press conference on May 15.  He noted that this can give  its positive results, since the confrontation between these two  countries contributes to the preservation of instability throughout  the world.

As for the news that the United States intends to place in the Middle  East 120 thousandth army grouping is a signal sent to Iran. "I  believe that with this statement, the United States wants to exert  psychological pressure on Iran to advance its interests in the  region. However, at the moment neither Tehran nor Washington want  war. So I think that the deployment of this group is unlikely " said  the Orientalist.

At the same time, the expert stressed that it is unlikely that Iran  will soon give way to Washington, probably the whole of Iran will  retain the independence of its foreign policy. When asked whether it  is possible that this situation will lead to the closure of the  border between Iran and Armenia, Safrastyan noted that this is  unlikely. For the Turkologist, this is only possible if hostilities  begin in Iran, which is not expected in the near future. 

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