Wednesday, April 24 2019 12:18
Asya Balayan

Mayor`s office to establish a community organization for waste  collection and sanitation in Yerevan

Mayor`s office to establish a community organization for waste  collection and sanitation in Yerevan

ArmInfo. The municipality will establish a community facility for waste collection and sanitation in Yerevan. The draft decision was approved by the Council of Elders at  a meeting held on April 23.

The draft decision envisages that garbage removal and sanitary  cleaning, as well as snow removal, will continue to be carried out in  the administrative territory of the capital; these activities will be  carried out by the community enterprise.

''Our aim is to ensure that the problem of garbage collection has  been resolved. Unfortunately, when we assumed the office (the  new  composition of the Council of Elders), Yerevan already had very big  and serious problems, and this is due to the fact that only one  garbage collection company was operating in the capital. We received  these problems as an inheritance, and now we are forced to solve  them. And if someone thinks that we should hurriedly take some steps,  making mistakes, no, we are very calm, considering all the nuances,  all the details, searchingg for the main solution of the problem,  "said Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan, reiterating that the Sanitek  company responsible for sanitary cleaning in Yerevan is in fact not  fulfilling its contractual obligations.  To recall, in recent years  Yerevan faced a sharp garbage crisis, for several months the  residents of Yerevan are extremely outraged by the accumulation of  garbage throughout the city, the city authorities place all  responsibility on Sanitek, which is systematically fined for failure  to fulfil its obligations.  In turn, Sanitek, speaking with  explanations, explained that it had repeatedly warned the mayor's  office that in the absence of an urgent solution, Yerevan would face  the problem of a crisis on garbage disposal.

At the same time, the Yerevan Municipality stated that the company  did not have the necessary resources to carry out the garbage  collection, in this regard, the Yerevan Municipality announced the  involvement of the second garbage collection operator, represented by  the Yerevan community, requesting from the government permission to  purchase 24 garbage trucks during this year, the transaction amount  of about 900 million drams, which will be allocated from the local  budget. 

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