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Asya Balayan

Former MP of Armenian parliament Mihran Poghosyan detained in Karelia

Former MP of Armenian parliament Mihran Poghosyan detained in Karelia

ArmInfo.At the request of the Armenian side in the Republic of Karelia, the former MP from the Republican Party, former head of the Judicial Acts Compulsory  Enforcement Service of Armenia Mihran Poghosyan was detained. This  information was confirmed by the press secretary of the Special  Investigative Service of Armenia Marina Ohandzhanyan.


 Earlier, on April 18, armed officers of the National Security  Service of Armenia conducted searches in Mihran Poghosyan's mansion  and former office.

To recall, Mihran Poghosyan is accused of abuse of power and theft of   property on a large scale. According to the prosecution, Mihran   Poghosyan, from  June 11,2008  occupying the position of chief   enforcement officer of the judicial acts of the Republic of Armenia,   appointed the person who ensured his personal safety as the first   category consultant of the  compulsory enforcement department, while   his personal driver was appointed the leading adviser of the same   department.  They did not attended work, instead they carried out  personal orders  of Mihran Poghosyan, however they received a total  of salary and  bonuses in the amount of 44,199,463 drams.  In  addition, Mihran Poghosyan, using his official position, concluded   contracts for the purchase of goods and the provision of services   with organizations managed by himself through proxies. Thus, during   2011- 2016 using the state funds entrusted to him for the needs of    Compulsory Enforcement Service, Poghosyan purchased 32 BYD cars with   a total value of 211.158.000 drams from the Ketrin Group company,   founded by him. Moreover, according to the NSS, 20 out of 32 cars   were purchased at a price of 20,000,000 drams higher than the real   value of their sale, as a result of which property damage in   especially large amounts was caused to the legitimate interests of   the state.

Moreover, in 2011, Mihran Poghosyan, through the citizens of foreign   countries, founded the business companies Hopkinten Trading   Incorporated and Sigtem Real Estate Incorporated in Panama, and in   October of the same year instead of foreign directors of companies   with his direct participation in relevant positions appointed persons   close to him. Then Mihran Poghosyan participated in the management of   the aforementioned organizations registered in the Panamanian   offshore zone through trustees, as a result of which the latter   founded other companies in Armenia, including Best Realty LLC.

Mihran Poghosyan, taking advantage of his office, and providing   benefits and preferences, protected the above mentioned organization,   actually managing it from April 2014, concluded in 2014-2016 an   agreement on real estate and movable property evaluation with the   Compulsory Enforcement Service he headed, as a result 43.890.000 AMD   was paid out by the Service to the indicated organization. 

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