Saturday, April 20 2019 14:25
Tatevik Shahunyan

Nikol Pashinyan posted another Facebook post - this time about David  Sanasaryan

Nikol Pashinyan posted another Facebook post - this time about David  Sanasaryan

ArmInfo. Watching the situation unfolding around the accusation against head of the State Control Service David Sanasaryan, I came to one conclusion - "brotherly  thinking" in Armenia took root even deeper than the oligarchy and the  crime. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on  his Facebook page.

remains the  basic formulation for world perception.  Spit on truth, revolution  and its values. David and my friend, but know that there are no  inviolable people in Armenia, whether it is an oppositionist or a  ruler, a revolutionary or a counterrevolutionary, "Pashinyan  stressed.

At the same time, Pashinyan emphasized that the law would be doubly  harsh on those who had previously spoken to the people about legality  and justice, about the inadmissibility of lawlessness and  protectionism.  .  To note, David Sanasaryan was brought as a defendant in  the case of abuse in the tender process for the purchase of dialysis  machines for medical institutions. In the case of arrested one of the  service staff, who, according to media reports, and testified against  Sanasaryan. In respect of Sanasaryan, a subscription on recognizance  was chosen as a preventive measure. He himself considers the case  fabricated and claims that he will fight corruption in the next  world. The authority of Sanasaryan as head of the  SCS is temporarily  suspended. Some political and public figures came out in defense of  Sanasaryan, expressing skepticism about his involvement in the case. 

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