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Tatevik Shahunyan

Head of  State Control Service debunks myths about himself

Head of  State Control Service debunks myths about himself

ArmInfo.Head of the State Control Service, David Sanasaryan, accused in the case of abuses in the tender process for the purchase of dialysis machines for medical  institutions, dispels myths about himself.

David Sanasaryan, in particular, wrote on his Facebook page: <I'm  accused of receiving grants from the Soros Foundation. I have never  taken grants, including from the Soros Foundation. The exception is  the grant of the educational fund of the great Armenian Aso Tavityan  to study at Fletcher>.

He also turned to exaggerated rumors that, allegedly, he was an agent  of the special services of a foreign country: <Immoral nonsense>.

Referring to the gift in the form of a car during his tenure as head  of the SCS, he assured that he never had and now does not have a car.

Commenting on the rumors about buying an apartment after being  appointed to a position, Sanasaryan noticed that he now lives in a  modest rented apartment.

He also denied his communication with the authorities of the criminal  world.

"I would like every manager to enjoy such respect as I have until  now," said Sanasaryan, once again calling the charge put forward in  his own way fabricated.

<All this is constantly repeated, so that you all realize that you  will not be able to spoil my reputation, because it was acquired by  many years of difficult struggle and a principled way of life, so sit  quietly in your seats. I love all people, do not lose heart .... ", -  concluded Sanasaryan.

To note,David Sanasaryan was brought as a defendant in the case of  abuse in the tender process for the purchase of dialysis machines for  medical institutions. In the case of arrested one of the service  staff, who, according to media reports, and testified against  Sanasaryan. In respect of Sanasaryan, a subscription on recognizance  was chosen as a preventive measure. He himself considers the case  fabricated and claims that he will fight corruption in the next  world. Some political and public figures came out in defense of  Sanasaryan, expressing skepticism about his involvement in the case.  The authority of Sanasaryan as head of the SCS is temporarily  suspended. 

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