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Naira Badalian

Yerevan Municipality: The situation with garbage collection is not  critical, but requires an expeditious solution

Yerevan Municipality: The situation with garbage collection is not  critical, but requires an expeditious solution

ArmInfo."The situation with garbage collection in Yerevan is not yet critical, I hope we will be able to avoid it," said mayor of the capital Hayk Marutyan at a  meeting of the Cabinet, asking the government for permission to  purchase 15 garbage trucks in a short time.

As a result, on April 18, the Government of Armenia allowed to make  purchases from one person by directly concluding a contract.

According to Marutyan, it was originally planned to use two operators  for garbage collection. Yerevan was divided into 2 lots and,  accordingly, a competition was announced to attract two operators.  Meanwhile, although the de jure competition was won by two companies,  Sanitek and Sanitek International, de facto the garbage collection in  the city was entrusted to one company.

Marutyan points out that at the beginning of its activities, the  company worked well, the machines were new and there were no problems  with the technical condition. But over time, as a result of improper  organization of work and problem maintenance, the equipment became  unusable. "As a result, we are where we are", Marutyan said.

However, in October 2018, immediately after taking office as mayor,  the capital's mayor called for Sanitek to seek the help of  subcontractors. "It was obvious that the garbage trucks of the  company are in an unsatisfactory condition, which is fraught with  negative consequences, as was announced to the management of the  company. The latter said they could not replenish the fleet because  of financial problems, "the mayor said.  

As a result, according to Marukyan, having foreseen the situation,  the mayor announce a tender for the purchase of 24 garbage trucks.  The results of the tender were appealed because, as the media wrote,  the offer indicated the parameters for which only KAMAZ vehicles were  suitable. The actions of the mayor's office, have caused discontent  among competing companies and the Board on appealing procurement. An  appeal to the court followed, and a return appeal from the city hall  to the court.

At the same time, realizing that these actions would postpone  indefinitely the solution of an issue requiring an operational  solution, the city administration decided to turn to the Cabinet of  Ministers, asking permission to purchase new cars on a  non-competitive basis.  In the end, the Government approved the  initiative and allowed the purchase from one person.

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