Friday, November 9 2018 15:21
Naira Badalian

Pensioners in Armenia will be able to attend plays and concerts for  free

Pensioners in Armenia will be able to attend plays and concerts for  free

ArmInfo.Pensioners in Armenia will be able to attend plays and concerts for free. The  interdepartmental agreement on the launch of the relevant program was  signed on November 9th and the Acting Minister of Culture of Armenia  Lilit Makunts and Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mane  Tandilian. According to Makunts, during her trips abroad, she noticed  that there - abroad, it was people of retirement age who enjoyed all  the benefits of life. "It is retirees who travel the most, attend  cultural events, especially in European countries," she said.

The idea, within the framework of available financial resources, to  provide a similar opportunity to Armenian pensioners, also inspired  the head of the ministry of labor and labor, Mane Tandilyan. Heads of  cultural institutions also gladly agreed to provide a certain number  of tickets from each event. The number of tickets can vary from 2.5%  to 20% of the seats in the hall. According to estimates, about 2  thousand pensioners can use the program monthly. Distribution of  tickets between pensioners will be engaged Ministry of Labor and  Social Affairs. 

To note, as of January 1, 2018, there are 455,609 pensioners in  Armenia, instead of last year's figure of 462,754 people.

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