Azerbaijani MP: Official Baku should act carefully and not give reasons for military intervention
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:59

 Joining the Crimea to Russia does not mean that Moscow radically changed its attitude to international law, recognizing the priority of the principle of self-determination over territorial integrity. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Turan by the Azerbaijani MP , political scientist Rasim Musabekov, Turan reported.

Turcologist: Local elections in Turkey were rigged
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:58

The local elections in Turkey were rigged, turcologist Artak Shakaryan said at today's press conference in Yerevan. 

Kessab residents: Erdogan and his government are military criminals
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:58

 The Armenians living in Kessab, Syria, have issued an appeal to all Armenians across the world. The appeal was published on the Facebook. 

Areximbank-GPB Group spent 107 million drams on social security of its staff in 2013
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:57

 In 2013 Arexibank-GPB Group's employee social security program costs exceeded 2107 million drams in 2013 with a 27% year over year growth.  

Armenia's CC continues hearings on mandatory funded pension lawsuit
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:50

Today the Constitutional Court (CC) of Armenia  continues the hearings on the lawsuit, pursuant to which several provisions in the controversial Law On Funded Pensions,in particular, its mandatory component, are contested.  The lawsuit was filed by the four non-coalition parliamentary forces - ARFD, Armenian National Congress, Prosperous Armenia Party and Heritage party. 

Political expert: If Armenia refused or abstained from voting on UN resolution on Crimea, this would make Armenia more vulnerable in the Karabakh issue
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:49

If official Yerevan refused to vote or abstained from voting on UN resolution on Crimea, this would make Armenia more vulnerable in the Karabakh issue, Deputy Director of the Caucasus Institute, Sergey Minasyan, said at today's press-conference. 

Expert: The reaction of the superpowers on the situation in Kessab is inadequate
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:34

The reaction of the superpowers, the USA and Russia, on the situation in Kessab is inadequate, Deputy Director of the Caucasus Institute, political expert, Sergey Minasyan, said at today's press-conference. 

Popular band Blink 182 calls to stop genocide in Kessab
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:26

The SaveKessab Campaign, whose objective is to save Syria's predominantly Armenian-populated town of Kessab, gathered pace throughout the social networks, specifically in Twitter and Instagram.

Mobile slavery to be canceled in Armenia on 1 April 2014
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:15

 "Starting from April 1, 2014, subscribers of other operators can switch to another network preserving both their number and code", - a representative of Public Services Regulatory Commission, Samvel Arabajan, said at today's press-conference. 

ArmenTel (Beeline brand) announced holding of "The Most Beautiful Moment of the Spring" new photo contest on Beeline Armenia official Facebook page
 Monday, March 31 2014 13:13

 Winners of the photo contest will be awarded Nokia Lumia 720 mobile phone by ArmenTel and 2 more participants who will pass to the final round will get honorary mention prizes.

Agriculture Ministry of Armenia: apricot harvest under threat
 Monday, March 31 2014 08:41

The anti-frost program of the Agriculture Ministry of Armenia proved useless, as heavy snow and cold weather hit the country causing real damage to blossomed apricot and other trees and plants, the Ministry says in a press release.

Armenian Assembly of America applauds American congressmen for sending letter to Barack Obama in connection with events in Kessab
 Monday, March 31 2014 08:37

 The Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) applauded the Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Reps. Frank Pallone, Jr.  (D-NJ) and Michael Grimm (R-NY), along with Armenian Genocide resolution lead sponsors Reps. David Valadao (R-CA) and Adam Schiff (D-CA), for sending a letter to President Obama on the recent siege on Kessab, Syria, reported the Assembly.

Most of roads in Armenia are heavy-going
 Monday, March 31 2014 08:36

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia (MES), as of 11.00am on March 31 there are heavy-going roads in the country. 

Tatiana Valovaya: As soon as Armenia joins Customs Union, Iran-Armenia railway project may come in demand
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:34

 As soon as Armenia joins the Customs Union, the project to build a railway from Iran to Armenia may come in demand, Integration and Macroeconomics Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tatiana Valovaya said on Saturday.

Armenia's Finance Ministry: Armenia is planning to intensify its export potential but not due to primary resources
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:16

Armenia is planning to intensify its export potential but not due to primary resources, Armenia's Deputy Foreign Minister Vardan Aramyan said at the 2nd Economic Forum of the Republican Party of Armenia "Armenia-Customs Union:  Opportunities and Challenges" on Saturday.
He said that orientation towards primary resources may lead Armenia to negative consequences as it will make the country dependent on fluctuations in global prices. 

"Within the Customs Union we may consider one more industrialization program, which may concern such sectors as chemistry, machine building and information technologies," Aramyan said, adding that in order to boost its exports, Armenia needs transport infrastructure, and so, it will have to continue its talks with Russian and Georgian transportation companies.

Armenian PM: Customs Union membership will help us to improve our living standard
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:08

Customs Union membership will help us to improve our living standard as per capita GDP in the Customs Union member states is three times as high as in our country, Armenia's Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said at the 2nd Economic Forum of the Republican Party of Armenia "Armenia-Customs Union:  Opportunities and Challenges."

Australian MP raises the plight of Syrian-Armenians in Kessab in New South Wales Parliament
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:07

 The Armenian National Committee of Australia (ANC Australia) reports that the Member for Davidson, Jonathan O'Dea has raised the plight of Syrian-Armenians in the Kessab region in the New South Wales Parliament.

Member of Eurasian Economic Commission: Armenia will give Customs Union countries access to Middle East markets
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:06

Armenia will give the Customs Union countries access to the Middle East markets, Integration and Macroeconomics Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission Tatiana Valovaya said at the 2nd Economic Forum of the Republican Party of Armenia "Armenia-Customs Union: Opportunities and Challenges" on Saturday.

Armenia and WTO to negotiate changes in customs duties
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:05

 Armenia will shortly start negotiations with the World Trade Organization (WTO) for revising its customs duties, Armenia's Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said at the 2nd Economic Forum of the Republican Party of Armenia "Armenia-Customs Union: Opportunities and Challenges" on Saturday.

In May 2014 Armenia to be ready for signing agreement on joining Eurasian Economic Union
 Saturday, March 29 2014 14:04

 In May 2014 Armenia will be ready for signing the agreement on joining the Eurasian Economic Union, Armenia's Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan said at the 2nd Economic Forum of the Republican Party of Armenia "Armenia-Customs Union: Opportunities and Challenges" on Saturday.


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