Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament: The reports of US Department of State are noteworthy but there are more competent structures specializing in human rights and conflicts
 Friday, February 28 2014 15:14

Certainly, the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices published by the US Department of State are noteworthy, but it should be noted that there are also other more competent international organizations specializing in protection of human rights and settlement of territorial conflicts, Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament, Spokesperson for the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, told ArmInfo when commenting on the US State Department's assessment on the situation in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.     

Sumgait massacre victims remembered in Moscow and Brussels
 Friday, February 28 2014 14:17

 Within the framework of his visit to Belgium, Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan on Wednesday laid a wreath to the cross-stone, which is placed in Brussels and in memory of the Armenian Genocide victims.  

"Keep your hands off the pregnant women's pockets!" - Healthcare Ministry responds to women's protest against introduction of paid medical services
 Friday, February 28 2014 14:17

The healthcare system of Armenia faces a ridiculous situation. A couple of days ago the media outlets reported that from now on citizens will have to pay for inpatient treatment of pregnancy pathologies. In addition, some medical services at polyclinics will also be on a paid basis. The idea to introduce such a mechanism of payments was conditioned by the anti- corruption fight, strange though it may seem.    

Greens: Ler Ex company has once again polluted Geghi River
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:44

 Ler Ex company has polluted Geghi River in Syunik region, says Pan-Armenian Environmental Front.

A number of Armenian NGOs urge world community to condemn Mar 1 2008 events
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:40

A number of Armenian NGOs have urged the world community to condemn human rights violations and the Mar 1 2008 events in Armenia.

Political expert: Ukraine is experiencing collapse, almost all power institutions have lost legitimacy
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:36

 Ukraine is experiencing collapse, almost all power institutions have lost legitimacy, Alexander Iskandaryan, Director of the Caucasus Institute, said at a press conference in Yerevan on Friday.    

Deputy: Criticism in the annual report of US Department of State on human rights is not new
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:36

Criticism in the annual report of US Department of State on human rights is not new, a deputy from the opposition Heritage parliamentary faction, Tevan Pogosyan, told Arminfo correspondent when commenting on the report 2013, which contains sharp criticism regarding Armenia.

Historian: Construction of cafe near Garni Temple is illegal
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:34

The project to build a cafe near Garni Temple is illegal, historian Vahe Atanesyan told journalists on Friday.

US Department of State: Members of Armenia's security forces continued to employ torture and inhuman treatment regularly
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:33

 While the law prohibits torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, reports indicated that members of the Armenian security forces continued to employ them regularly, says the 2013 Country Report on Human Rights Practices published by the US Department of State on Feb 27.   

Member of parliament: ARFD must not be blamed for implication in March 2008 events in Yerevan
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:32

 The time has come to close the political page of the tragic March 2008 events, and only the legal page has remained. We should reply to the questions of the relatives of the victims, secretary of the ARFD parliamentary faction, Aghvan Vardanyan, told journalists today. 

"Investigation" in Sumgait incidents by Azerbaijani prosecutor general's office ushers a new wave of fake data on mass killings of Armenians
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:31

 "Investigation" in the Sumgait incidents of February 1988 by the Azerbaijani prosecutor general's office has ushered a new wave of fake data on the mass killings of Armenians in Sumgait. This time, First Deputy Prosecutor General Rustam Usubov replenished the list of Azerbaijani liars. 

Deputy from PAP doubts if premier knows what the core of the Customs Union is
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:30

"I doubt if Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan is aware what the Customs Union is", - secretary of Prosperous Armenia Party parliamentary faction, Naira Zohrabyan, said to journalists today. 

Mass Media: Serzh Sargsyan tries to retain his power even after the second term through constitutional reform
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:29

 The Armenian Presidential Committee on Constitutional Reform is preparing a project of transition to the parliamentary system of government, with enlargement of the prime minister's authority at the expense of the president's powers. The project will be submitted for a referendum, the Chorrord Inqnishkhanutyun newspaper writes. 

Spokesperson for US Department of State: There can't be a military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:28

 "The tragic loss of life in the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia reminds us that there can't be a military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict," spokesperson for the United States Department of State Jen Psaki said at a briefing, APA reports.

ARFD to hold public discussion of the situation around "Nairit" plant
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:27

A deputy of the National Assembly form ARFD, Aghvan Vardanyan, told journalists today that ARF Dashnaktiutyun will hold public discussion of the situation around "Nairit" plant.

Naira Zohrabyan: The report of US Department of State on situation in Armenia corresponds to the facts
 Friday, February 28 2014 13:24

The report of US Department of State on situation in Armenia corresponds to the facts, secretary of the Prosperous Armenia Party parliamentary faction, Naira Zohrabyan, told ArmInfo correspondent. 

Gevorg Kostanyan: Political speculations around Araratcement Plant are absurd
 Friday, February 28 2014 10:02

No criminal case has been instituted in relation to the situation around Araratcement Plant, Prosecutor General of Armenia Gevorg Kostanyan told journalists on Thursday.  

Expert: Azeris have done a big job and it is the work of experienced hackers
 Friday, February 28 2014 10:00

The Feb 26 hacking attack made by Azerbaijan was a planned attack. On Feb 26 Azeri hackers usually make attempts to crack Armenian websites. The latest attack made some Armenian websites inoperative even without cracking them, cyber security expert Samvel Martirosyan said at a press conference in Yerevan on Thursday when commenting on yesterday's Azeri hacking attacks on 300 Armenian websites. 

Project of "Rosneft" on reconstruction of the Yerevan "Nairit" plant is rather realistic
 Friday, February 28 2014 09:57

 Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia, Gagik Makaryan, said at today's press-conference that the project of "Rosneft" on reconstruction of the Yerevan "Nairit" plant is rather realistic. 

Armenia to cooperate with Turkey, Georgia and Bulgaria in the matter of rural tourism
 Friday, February 28 2014 09:56

 Armenia should become an indivisible part of the South Caucasus and participate in all the regional projects, director of the Armenian office of "Heifer International", Anahit Kazanchyan, said during presentation of the project "Development of innovative rural tourism", 27 February. 


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