Armenian politician: With a help of "Eastern Partnership" European Union is trying to hinder creation of a union around Russia
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 13:25

 With a help of "Eastern Partnership" the European Union is trying to hinder creation of a union around Russia. Unfortunately, Armenia also contributes in this affair, the leader of the "New Times" party, Aram Karapetyan, told Arminfo correspondent.

Medvedev: Eurasian Union does not Mean USSR Restoration
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 13:23

Russian Preme Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, while speaking about necessity of setting up the Eurasian Union, that Russia did not try to restore the USSR.  He stated about it in the interview to the Georgian TV Company Rustavi-2, which was broadcasted on Tuesday, August 6, on the threshold of the fifth anniversary of August war, Black Sea Press reported.

Karen Nazaryan: Armenia highly appreciates OSCE MG efforts in resolution of Karabakh conflict
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 13:21

Armenia highly appreciates the OSCE Minsk Group's efforts in resolution of the Karabakh conflict, said Permanent Representative of Armenia at the UN, Ambassador Karen Nazaryan at the UN Security Council Debates "Cooperation between UN and Regional Organisations in Maintaining International Peace & Security," on August 6. 

Several public organizations of Armenia come forward with a demand of Gagik Beglaryan's resignation
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 10:43

Several public organizations of Armenia have come forward with a demand of Transport Minister, Gagik Beglaryan's, resignation because of the transport collapse in Yerevan.  

Barev Yerevan Bloc challenges Yerevan Mayor's decision to increase public transport fare in a judicial procedure
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 09:38

Barev Yerevan Bloc's Faction at the Elders' Council of Yerevan has appealed to the Administrative Court for cancellation of Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan's decision to increase the public transport fare. Barev Yerevan representatives are sure that the decision is groundless and unlawful. Although they pin little hopes with the Armenian justice, they are ready to fight.  Styopa Safaryan, a representative of Barev Yerevan Faction, says Taron Margaryan has violated the legislation too many times to be ignored by the court. 

US Ambassador: Peace Corps promotes development of the inter-culture dialogue between Armenia and the USA
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 09:13

The solemn oath ceremony of the 21-st group of volunteers of US Peace Corps in Armenia was held on 7 August Yerevan. US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern took an oath of 30 new volunteers, 

Exchange rate of dram against US dollar and EUR
 Wednesday, August 7 2013 08:40

Today, the maximum buying rates at commercial banks of Yerevan were 408,5 drams for 1 dollar, 543drams for 1 EUR and 12,4 drams for 1 Russian ruble. The minimum selling rates stood at 410 drams for 1 dollar, 546 drams for 1 EUR and 12,5 drams for 1 Russian ruble .  -0-                                                    

Azeri military servicemen fire at an ambulance car
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 18:34

 Azerbaijani military servicemen fired at the ambulance car that was hurrying to provide medical aid to the Armenian soldier wounded on a combat position on the contact line. The incident took place on August 3, the press service of the Armenian Defense Ministry reported.  

US diplomat condemns Azerbaijan's "blacklist" of 335 foreigners who visited Nagorno-Karabakh
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 15:47

 Turan-ArmInfo. Wayne Merry, Senior Fellow for Europe and Eurasia at the Washington, DC-based American Foreign Policy Council, whose name showed-up on Azerbaijani government's newly released "blacklist" of 335 foreigners who are banned from entering the country because they travelled to Nagorno-Karabakh, condemned Baku's latest move.

Vladimir Karapetyan: At a crucial turning point the Kremlin prefers negotiating with Azerbaijan, not Armenia
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 15:41

Mr.Karapetyan, what do you think of Armenia’s possible signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union? What benefits and probably risks does the document contain?  

Vice Speaker of Armenian Parliament: Baku's regular ceasefire violations harm Karabakh peace process within OSCE Minsk Group
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 13:22

Azerbaijan's regular ceasefire violations on the line of contact demonstrate that Baku is not ready for peace talks. Furthermore, it does its best to torpedo the peace process, Eduard Sharmazanov, Vice Speaker of the Armenian Parliament, representative of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia Faction, told ArmInfo when commenting on the recent cases of ceasefire violation near Tavush region that wounded 2 soldiers.   

Health condition of an activist of "We pay 100 drams" movement remains unchanged
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 13:16

Health condition of an activist of "We pay 100 drams" movement, Suren Sahakyan, remains unchanged, and he is at home at present, Sahakyan's friend, Karen Harutyunyan, told Arminfo correspondent.

He said that Suren Sahakyan's health condition sharply worsened at night and he was transferred to the medical centre Grigor Lusavorich. Without the relevant examination, doctors diagnosed Sahakyan with bronchitis. "He had to be transferred to the paid department of the hospital, but Sahakyan decided to come back to the Mayor's Office, where his  health condition worsened and they decided to call an ambulance again", he said and added that doctors did not pay the needed attention to Sahakyan and were trying to do everything possible for the picket to stop. "As a result, Suren decided to go home. At present his health condition remains unchanged. He is weak, and his body temperature is high", - Harutyunyan said. 

He also added that Armenia's ombudsman reacted at yesterday's statement by the activists and said he is tracing the situation. "However, this is not enough. We are going to again try to set a tent", - the activist said. 

To note, earlier activists were trying to set a tent in front of the Mayor's Office, but policemen became an obstacle. Then activists appealed to Armenia's Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan with a request to ensure conditions for holding of the picket. 

Taron Margaryan is not going to implement demands of activists picketing Yerevan Municipality building
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 13:15

It is unreasonable to dismiss the state officials at the request of several people, Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan told Radio Azatutyun when commenting on the demands of the Let's Pay 100 AMD movement activists that have been picketing the Yerevan Municipality building for 11 days.  
"If an official works badly, he should be dismissed without waiting for the relevant request, but if he works well, he should not be dismissed only because one or two people demand that, especially as the wide public strata do not support this demand", said Margaryan. 

As regards the public transport fare rise, the mayor stressed that the fare will be raised following the relevant conclusion of the newly created commission, which is considering this issue. "If we want to have a normal transport system, if we want to have a transport system in general, we should raise the fare", he said.  

To note, the decision on the 50% rise in the public transport fare caused a wave of protest in Armenia, and Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan suspended his decision. However, the activists have not stopped their protests and now they demand resignation of some officials of the Municipality and cancellation of the mayor's decision.

Azerbaijan's defence minister feels indignant at indifference of the USA to the destiny of Azerbaijani refugees
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 13:14

Azerbaijani Defense Minister Safar Abiyev visited Pentagon where he met with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. The meeting, as usual, was used as an attempt to complain about Armenia.

Armenia's Foreign Ministry should adequately react at the "notes" in birth certificates of Turkish Armenians
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 11:45

Armenia's Foreign Ministry should adequately react at the "notes" in birth certificates of Turkish Armenians, and use this fact at the world arena in the matter of the Armenian genocide recognition, Turkologist Lilit Gasparyan said at today's press-conference. 

Congressional leaders again raise Armenian Genocide issue
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 11:12

Senior Congressional leaders serving on key foreign policy and appropriations panels have lent their support to a groundbreaking human rights measure that seeks improved Armenian-Turkish ties based upon Turkey's acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide and a just international resolution of this still unpunished crime, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA). 

Tempers flaring in Armenian Apostolic Church
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 11:11

 Tempers are flaring in the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Armenian serviceman wounded by Azeris in Armenia's Tavush region
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 11:10

 Armenian serviceman Armenak Ayvazyan was wounded by Azeris on a combat position near the village of Aygepar, Tavush region, Armenia, on Monday.

Director of Parking City Service: The decision of the Yerevan Mayor's Office to use paid parking is only called to bring this sphere under regulation
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 11:09

 The decision of the Yerevan Mayor's Office to use paid parking is only called to bring this sphere under regulation, Director of the CJSC Parking City Service, Vazgen Harutyunyan, said at today's press-conference. 

Health of an activist of "We pay 100 drams" movement worsened and he was taken to the hospital
 Tuesday, August 6 2013 09:44

The health of one of the activists of the "We pay 100 drams" movement sharply worsened on the night of the 5th/6th August. The activists go on their sit-in near Yerevan Municipality building demanding to fully annul the decision adopted by the Mayor Taron Margaryan to raise variable fare. 


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