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Politician: It is still unclear who is an oppositionist and who is  political trash in Artsakh 

 Wednesday, May 27 2020 16:59
Politician: It is still unclear who is an oppositionist and who is  political trash in Artsakh 

ArmInfo.The political situation in Artsakh can be described as full of disappointment. First of all, due to the fact that the new Artsakh parliament does not reflect the  aspirations of the Artsakh people. Leader of the Artsakh party  <United Armenia> Vahan Badasyan expressed a similar opinion to  ArmInfo.


Armenian Foreign Minister: We will not tolerate threats and language  of force

ArmInfo.We have repeatedly noted that we will not tolerate threats and language of force. Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated this from the rostrum of  the parliament, referring to the warlike rhetoric of Azerbaijan.

RA MFA: Everyday we encounter manifestations of anti-Armenian  propaganda

ArmInfo. Anti-Armenian articles periodically appear in the press, this is not surprising. Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated this from the rostrum of  the parliament, referring to anti-Armenian publications recently  appearing in the inter-row press.

Nikol Pashinyan: Our government intends to eradicate corruption in  Armenia
Orientalist: The incident in Nakhichevan has far-reaching plans to strengthen the Turkey`s role in the region


Former adviser to NKR President considers actions of Azerbaijani  Armed Forces as attempts to gradually aggravate situation in Karabakh  conflict zone 

ArmInfo.The defeat of the Armenian Armed Forces car in the Nakhichevan direction of the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border should be considered in the context  of diversion penetration attempts carried out by special forces of  the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on the evening of May 22 at the Contact  Line with Artsakh. Former adviser to the President of Artsakh Tigran  Abrahamyan shares similar opinion.

Artsakh President Arayik  Harutyunyan announced the upcoming personnel changes in the structure  of the government of the republic

ArmInfo. Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan announced the upcoming personnel changes in the structure of the government of the republic. Harutyunyan announced this during a live broadcast on his Facebook page. Harutyunyan noted that one of the most important goals of personnel policy is national and political consolidation. Harutyunyan stressed that in the coming days he will complete structural appointments in order to form the new  government by June 1.

Araik Harutyunyan and Samvel Babayan signed a memorandum of  cooperation
Diplomat: It`s worrying that reasons for the change in Pashinyan`s  negotiation moods remain unknown 


EIF announces photo contest Covid-19 in Armenia

ArmInfo.Fund Incubator Enterprises (EIF) announces photo contest dedicated to . The prize fund, according to the EIF press service, will be  1.5 million drams, which will be distributed among the 3 participants  who won the nominations , and .

The Embassy of France launched the Days of French Culture in Armenia  under the motto #BarevlaFrance

ArmInfo. The French Embassy in Armenia announces the start of the Days of French Culture in Armenia under the motto #BarevlaFrance.  According to the press  service of the French Embassy in Armenia, the event will take place  entirely online, and its goal is to make culture accessible from home  during the days of self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

Museum of Modern Art in Yerevan is in the top 5 in the CIS
Yerevan in the top 5 most dancing cities in the CIS

The Embassy of India in Armenia welcomes the decision to establish a  monument to Mahatma Gandhi in Yerevan

ArmInfo.The Embassy of India in Armenia welcomes the decision made earlier by the Council of Elders of Yerevan to erect a monument to the Indian political and public  figure Mahatma Gandhi in the Armenian capital.

Armenian Foreign Minister attracted the attention of CSTO colleagues  to conduct offensive exercises in Azerbaijan in violation of  international obligations.

ArmInfo.Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan attended a meeting of the CSTO Council of Foreign Ministers in a video conference format.

Baku responded to ECHR decision in the case
Lavrov: CSTO will study issues of cooperation in the field of  biosafety against the background of the situation with the  coronavirus pandemic


Police informs: Sardarapat Memorial Complex will be closed for visits  tomorrow

ArmInfo. The Sardarapat Memorial Complex will be closed to visitors tomorrow.

Facts of the sale of protective and medical gloves at unreasonably  high prices revealed

ArmInfo.By decision of the State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the Republic of Armenia, administrative proceedings were instituted against a number of business entities regarding possible abuse and / or  possible anti-competitive agreements in the sale of protective and  medical gloves made of nitrile and latex from March 16 to May 15,  2020.

A number of NGOs urge to introduce strict quarantine in Armenia due  to coronavirus
Isolated vulnerable populations of Armenia will be provided with food  and hygiene products free of charge


Yerevan Municipality urged employees of "Greening and Environmental  Protection" SNCO not to mislead public with false facts

ArmInfo.Press Secretary of Yerevan Mayor Hakob Karapetyan urged employees of the "Greening and Environmental Protection" SNCO not to mislead the public with false  facts.

GCF allocated funds for its first green financing grant program  in Armenia 

ArmInfo.The Green Climate Fund (GCF) allocated funds for its first grant program in Armenia in the field of green financing.

Local residents turned to EBRD demanding to withdraw from Amulsar  program
In Tavush, measures will be taken to protect the Red Book leopard

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